Cobra Club


The first-ever dick pic simulator


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Cobra Club is an app that simulates taking a dick pic and sending it to random people so that they send similar pictures back – if you're lucky, along with some kind of compliment. As the word 'simulator' implies, what you do with this application is fake. This means the dick pics aren't real, and neither are the compliments.

The gameplay is really simple: you see your avatar naked with his face censored on the mirror, with one hand holding a phone and the other behind his back. The options let you change the skin color of the avatar, as well as the erection. With a slider you can make your avatar's penis erect or flaccid.

The camera options in Cobra Club let you zoom in, tilt the camera to one side, and use more than 20 different filters, including black and white and inverted colors. The pictures you take can be sent to any other user that starts a conversation with you.

In these short chats you always have four answers: two positive ones and two negatives. Normally the positive ones are way funnier, as the game is meant to stimulate an open mind.

Cobra Club is an odd game that could certainly be uncomfortable for many users. Although the dicks are censored in the screenshots, in the actual game they're not.
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